Lancashire Ladies

Lady Derby Match Play

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1st Round
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Quarter Final
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To be played on Fri 3rd Sep  
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To be played on Fri 3rd Sep  
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Anne Morris                                                                                                     
Kate Hilton  3&1                                                                           
Kate Hilton  3&2                                                                           
 Kate Hilton                                                   
Pat Jackson                                                   
Sue Howard                                                   
Sue Howard  5&3                                                   
  Elaine Hayes                          
Zoe Cooper                           
Elaine Hayes  8&7                         
Elaine Hayes  4&3                         
 Elaine Hayes  3&2                         
Ann Lowe                           
Julie Pyke                           
Julie Pyke  2&1                           
   Carly Barton
Angela Donoghue    
Carly Barton  1 Hole  
Carly Barton  1 Hole  
 Carly Barton  3&2 
Sarah Pownell  1 Hole 
Sarah Pownell  
Ros Richards   
  Carly Barton  1 Hole  
Christine Richardson  2&1   
Christine Richardson   
Carole Waddington   
 Louise Aspden   
Janet Cartledge    
Louise Aspden  1 Hole    
Louise Aspden  2&1    

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