Lancashire Ladies

County Championship 2nd Flight Matchplay

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1st Round
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Quarter Final
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To be played on Tue 28th May 2019  
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To be played on Tue 28th May 2019  
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Emily Byrne Walkover                                                                                                    
Emily Byrne  7&6                                                                           
Chloe Cuming                                                                            
 Emily Byrne                                                   
Amelia Taylor                                                   
Anne Louise Aspden                                                   
Anne Louise Aspden 19th                                                   
  Lucy Moss  2&1                         
Lucy Moss  5&4                          
Lucy Moss  4&3                         
Megan Williams                          
 Lucy Moss  4&2                         
Leah Butler  2 Holes                          
Leah Butler                           
Claudia Hastings                            
   Lucy Moss
Michelle Fielding  3&2   
Michelle Fielding  4&2  
Melissa Walker   
 Michelle Fielding  
Alison Green 22nd 
Alison Green  
Olivia Brewster   
  Lauren McLauchlan  
Lauren McLauchlan Walkover   
Lauren McLauchlan  4&3  
Elaine Clark   
 Lauren McLauchlan  3&1  
Susan J Barlow  6&5   
Susan J Barlow    
Clarisa Brear     

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