Lancashire Ladies

125 Trophy

The 125 Trophy will celebrate 125 years of women and girls golf in Lancashire. Presentation of the trophy to the winning club will take place at the Anniversary Lunch in January 2025. 

Competition Rules - Download a copy here
  1. All affiliated clubs may enter one team of 10 players (5 pairs) in the competition. 

  2. The club’s entry should be submitted online at no later than 31st January 2024. 

  3. The number of clubs that enter the competition will dictate the number of rounds that will be required and therefore the date by which the first round will need to be completed. Depending on the first round date this may require the use of Winter Rules. 

  4. Matches will be played on a knock-out principle with each match consisting of 5 better ball matches decided by handicap match play over 18 holes. Prior to the commencement of the match, captains must designate one pair to play off if the match is tied 2½ – 2½. The designated pair must play a sudden-death handicap match continuing hole-by-hole until there is a result. 

  5. Teams must be nominated in a 1-2-3-4-5 order for each match i.e. pair No. 1 of the home club must play pair No. 1 of the visiting club. No. 2 plays No. 2 and so on. Each team should consist of 5 pairs, and captains must exchange their teams and playing order in writing prior to the commencement of the match. Once the teams have been exchanged no alterations are allowed. 

  6. Handicaps: There is an upper Handicap Index limit of 40.0 Players with higher Handicap Indexes may take part but can only use a maximum of 40.0 as a basis for calculating their Course Handicaps to be used in matches. Each player should then calculate their Course Handicap by applying any slope rating adjustments based on the course and tees being played. Each player’s Playing Handicap is 90% of their Course Handicap. 


Player Course Handicap 90%  Handicap Allowance Strokes Received
A 10 9 0
B 18 16 7
C 27 24 15
D 39 35 26

Player A would play off zero (0) strokes, player B would receive 7 strokes, player C would receive 15 strokes and player D would receive 26 strokes. 

Note: The strokes received in Four-Ball match play remain the same even if the lowest handicap player is unable to play after the teams have been declared. 

It is the players’ responsibility to check their respective handicaps and the shot allowance prior to teeing off in their match. 

  1. The Club whose name appears first on the initial draw shall be the HOME club and must contact their opponents and offer three dates, one of which should, if possible, be a weekend or evening on which matches can be played. 

The First round, shows home matches. After that round, the course for subsequent matches shall be that of the Club which has played the least number of matches at home, irrespective of how this appears on the draw. In the case of the home draws being equal, a draw by the committee shall determine on which course the match will be played in the next round. Should a Club not be able to reach an agreement on the date for a match, the Home Club must notify the competition organisers who will then fix a date and venue for the match. Should either or both Clubs fail to keep to this arrangement, such Club or Clubs shall be disqualified from the Tournament. 

  1. Course conditions: The competition shall be played under the R&A/USGA Rules of Golf. Should the Home Club’s course be undergoing alterations which necessitates the playing of a hole or holes twice, or if they have more than two temporary greens in play on the day fixed for the match, the said match shall be played on the course of the opposing club. Should similar conditions appertain on their course the match shall be played on the course of the Home team. 

The Home team has the responsibility to ensure that the course is fit for play and to inform visiting golfers of the Local Rules prior to match day. If it is essential that Winter Rules be in operation, then these should still allow for the fair and proper playing of the match. (See Winter Rules below). 

  1. Course closure on match day: If the Home course is closed or does not comply with acceptable Winter Rules on the day of the match, every effort should be made to re-arrange the match within the deadline. However, if this is not possible and the Away course is open and does comply with the Winter Rules, the match should automatically switch to the Away course (subject to availability on the agreed match day). 

  2. In the event of it being impossible to complete a match on the day fixed, if three matches have been completed those results stand and the remaining matches must be suspended and continued on another day, at separate times if necessary, within one week or before the end of that particular round, whichever is the sooner. If any of the original players are unable to play during this time their match is forfeited. If fewer than three matches have been completed, the match must be abandoned and replayed on another day with a new team if necessary. 

  3. Notifying Results: It will be the responsibility of the winning team in each match to notify the result to the Competition Organisers, Karon Unsworth & Linda Marr. Email results to: 

Winter Rules
  1. It is up to the club drawn at home to ensure that the course is in the best possible condition to play a fair and proper match. We appreciate that in the early months of the year it is often the case that some winter conditions will be in play; if so the captain of the home club should make the opposition aware of these prior to the day of the match. The following winter conditions are unacceptable: 

a) Carrying a piece of mat around and playing from it. 

b) Dropping off the fairway in the semi rough or rough. 

c) Teeing up the ball in the fairway. 

d) Temporary greens are acceptable (maximum of two) as long as the overall length of the course is not reduced by over 100 yards. Temporary greens should be cut to the appropriate length for a green and MUST have regulation size holes (no bucket holes). 

If the home course has any of the above winter conditions in place on the date set for of the match then the away club would be entitled to claim home advantage so long as there are NONE of them in place at their course. If the away course has ANY of the above winter conditions then the match must remain as drawn. 

  1. Once the fixture has been confirmed, a match may only be postponed if the Home Course be deemed unplayable by the Captain of the Home Club or her Deputy, a trolley ban is in place or the Club Management decides that the course is unavailable. 

  2. If all (or many) of the bunkers are out of play and classified as GUR, the match can still be played. 

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