Lancashire Ladies' County Championship 2018

Our 100th County Championship to be Played at Lancaster Golf Club from 27th- 29th May 2018
winner 17

                                                            Holder: Catherine Roberts (Pleasington) 





Handicap limit 20.4 at time of entry. Handicap increase and decrease qualifiying competition.
Closing date for entries is 1st May.
  Entry Form ...
One 18 hole qualifying round, the first 16 to play off in match play over the following 2 days.
The winner will be the 2018 County Champion.
The Second Flight, those occupying places 17-32, will also play off in match play on the second and third days.
The winner being awarded the 'Plate'. plate



Recent County Champions

2017 Catherine Roberts 2002 Kirsty Fisher  
2016Catherine Roberts2001Kirsty Fisher  
2015Brogan Townend 
2000 Claire Blackshaw
2014Hollie Muse
1999Kirsty Fisher
2013Catherine Roberts
1998Andrea Murray
Catherine Roberts
1997Gillian Nutter
Emma Harris
1996Andrea Murray
2010Bethany Garton
1995Gillian Nutter
2009Emily Taylor1994Gillian Nutter
2008Kelly Tidy
1993Kim Rostron
2007Corisande Lee
1992Janet Collingham
2006Florentyna Parker
1991Anne Baines
Corisande Lee
1990Lora Fairclough
2004Natalee Evans
1989Claire Blackshaw
2003Andrea Peacock
1988Lora Fairclough