Lancashire Ladies' 100th County Championship 2018

Lancaster Golf Club 27th - 29th May


                                                                                           Holder: Catherine Roberts (Pleasington)

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       Qualifying Competition 27 May CSS 76 Counting Competition.

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CaptainCounty Captain: Mrs Jackie Snowden  (Accrington)                                                                                                                        





organisersChampionship Organisers: Susan Cooke and Gill Morris LLCGA Executive Members for the North West Division.

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 29th May:   Championship Final :

Lauren Green beat Catherine Roberts 3 & 2  

Catherine Roberts beat Alex Forrest at 19th
Lauren Green beat Eloise Healey 6/5



PlateThe Plate :   Final

Cath Halstead beat Leah Butler  6/5  

Semi Finals
Cath Halstead beat Boh Greenwood 4/3
Leah Butler beat Jessica Parker at 19th



28th May:Championship Quarter Finals
Catherine Roberts beat Emily Byrne 4/3
Alex Forrest beat Emily James 4/2
Lauren Green beat Bethany Garton 3/2
Eloise Healey beat Lauren Bevan 9/7

The Plate Quarter Finals
Boh Greenwood beat Ellie-May Looker 2 up
Cath Halstead beat Liyana Laheri 6/4
Jessica Parker beat Lauren McLaughlan 6/4
Leah Butler beat Helen Mosscrop 2 up 

Championship First Round.
Catherine Roberts beat Clarissa Brear 5/4
Emily Byrne beat Jane Blackhurst  1 up
Alex Forrest beat Chris Appleby 6/4
Emily James beat Louisa Brunt 3/1
Bethany Garton beat Jill McGhie 3/2
Lauren Green beat Susan Caton 2/1
Eloise Healey beat Michelle Feilding 4/3
Laura Bevan beat Elaine Clark 2/1

The Plate 
Boh Greenwood beat Katherine Hilton 6/5
Ellie-May Looker beat Frances Lilley 4/3
Liyana Laheri beat Sophie Speariett 4/3
Cath Halstead beat Megan Williams 4/3
Lauren McLaughlan beat Karon Unsworth 4/3
Jessica Parker beat Ruth Scanlon 4/2
Leah Butler w/o Sophie Wood
Helen Mosscrop beat Lucy Moss 6/5 

27th May: The Qualifying Round started in warm sunshine with a  a very strong wind that eased during the day as the temperature rose. Defending Champion Catherine Roberts and 2010 winner Bethany Garton led the way and returned the best scores of day followed by County players Eloise Healey, Alex Forrest and Louisa Brunt. 
Championship Qualifying Scores.
Catherine Roberts (Pleasington) 71  Carr Gold Medal winner.
Bethany Garton (Royal Lytham & St Annes) 76
Eloise Healey (West Lancashire) 78
Alex Forrest (Pleasington) 79
Louisa Brunt (Royal Birkdale) 80
Elaine Clark (Manchester) 81
Lauren Green (West Lancashire) 82
Emily Byrne (Formby Ladies') 85
Jane Blackshaw (Chorley) 85
Susan Caton (Pleasington) 85
Laura Bevan (Royal Birkdale) 85
Emily James (Royal Lytham & St Annes) 86
Chris Appleby (St Annes Old Links) 86
Michelle Feilding (Clitheroe) 87
Jill McGhie (Lancaster) 87
Clarissa Brear (Fleetwood) 87 

These16 players go in to the Championship match play while the next 16  qualify for Flight 2 (The Plate) with the same format. 

Monday 28th May: 2 rounds of match play. Tuesday 29th May: Morning Semi-Finals. Afternoon 13.15 Plate Final. 13.45 Championship Final.



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