Competition Information (No Congu handicap & Congu 37-54)

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f you want to start playing or do not yet have a handicap come to our events where you can play golf, have fun, make friends!
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All new players welcome - you don't have to be good at golf - we help you to do that! 

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 Judith Harrison - Hart Common Competitions Organiser

2018 Competitions for Girls with no Handicap

Thank you to Hart Common Golf Club for the use of their 9 hole course and their clubhouse and refreshments.


2nd September 4th 9/18 hole Stableford Competition at Hart Common Par 3 Course

9 holesWe were pleased to welcome Raya McGreer, Tilly Howard, Millie Barton and Jennifer Glaiser to their first Hart 18 holesCommon Competition on a day of excellent scoring by all the competitors in spite of their being some tough rough just off the fairways.
Lucy Brown completed a hat trick of wins in the 18 hole Competitions with young Olivia Magleave not far behind.
The 2 older girls, Keira Tomes and Raya McGreer took the honours in the 9 hole competition but there were really good scores from the younger ones who will be challenging them next year.
As this is the last of these competitions for 2018 Judith Harrison, LLCGA Organiser said she was looking forward to seeing everyone when they start again in April 2019. The County Captain Jackie Snowden thanked her for her hard work during the year.

18 hole Competition
Winner: Lucy Brown 51 points. Second: Olivia Magleave 47 points.
9 hole Competition 
Winner: Keira Tomes 26 points. Second: Raya McGreer 23 points

18 holes










24 June 3rd 9/18 hole Stableford Competition at Hart Common Par 3 Course

18 winnersThe third Hart Common Stableford Competition again had a small field but the quality of the players' golf more than 9 hole winnersmade up for that on a wonderful warm Summer's day. We were pleased to welcome Olivia Magleave and Ava Kehoe to their first LGGA Competition. A successful debut for Ava who was took the second prize.
Lucy Brown improved her score from the last Hart Common competition to win the 18 hole competition with Gabriella Schofield moving up from the 9 hole competition to take second place, narrowly ahead of Poppy Richmond.
9 hole Competition Results.
Winner: Hannah Ridgway 25 points. Second: Ava Kehoe 22 points. Ella Cornwell scored a '2'.
18 hole Competition Results.
Winner: Lucy Brown 69 points. Second: Gabriella Schofield 56 points. Poppy Richmond scored a '2'.
9 holes group
18 holes group


Photo Gallery...   All photos available from

02 June 2nd 9/18 hole Stableford Competition at Hart Common Par 3 Course

9 holesThere was a smaller field for the second Hart Common Stableford Competition but the standard of golf was excellent with18 holes some amazing scores from the enthusiastic players, many of them showing a BIG improvement from our last competition. We hope that more girls will join us for our next competition on Sunday 24 June.
Gabriella Schofield and Ruby Wigley carried on playing the good golf they had produced at Great Harwood GC on Wednesday.
9 hole Competition Results.
Winner: Gabriella Schofield 26 points after a card play off with Keira Tomes. 3rd: Kate Adams  22 points. 4th Emilia Green 15 points.
18 hole Competition Results.
Winner: Lucy Brown 66 points. 2nd:Ruby Wigley 52points. 3rd: Zara Holden 49 points. 4th: Francesca Harnett 40 points who had a '2'. 

28 April 1st 9/18 hole Stableford Competition at Hart Common Par 3 Course 

18 holesThe first 2018 Hart Common Stableford Competition at Hart Common GC, played on their Par 3 course was enjoyed by9 holes the competitors in fairly warm weather. We were delighted to welcome new players again as well as our 'Regulars'. Ruby Wigley, Jessica Sinclair and Francesca Harnett, winners at Royal Lytham earlier this month, continue to impress by being in the prizes again.
9 hole Competition Results.  
Winner: Ruby Wigley 29 points. Second: Jessica Sinclair 25 points after a card play-off with Gracie Cutting.
18 hole Competition Results.
Winner: Holly Hargreaves 51 points. Second: Francesca Harnett 50 points.
Francesca was the only player to have a '2'.

18 players More photographs ...

Saturday 10th March Introduction to the Golf Course Southport Golf Academy 
Saturday 28th April18 or 9 hole competition Hart Common Par 3 course 

Saturday 2nd June

18 or 9 hole competition
Hart Common Par 3 course
Sunday 24th June 18 or 9 hole competitionHart Common Par 3 course  
Saturday 4th August18 or 9 hole competition  Hart Common Par 3 course  
Sunday 2nd September 18 or 9 hole competition  Entry Form Hart Common Par 3 course

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2018 Competitions for Girls with Congu Handicaps 37 - 54



Margaret Milne Congu Handicaps 37 - 54 Competition Organiser  

SOL21 August at Southport Old Links Golf Club
4 girls played in the third and last 9 hole competition in good conditions..
The winner was Emily McMurran-Doyle (Ellesmere) with a score of 34.5 nett. Ruby Wigley (Regent Park) was seccond with 36 nett, closely followed by Holly Durnian (Chorley) and Gabriella Schofield (Clitheroe).

all30 May at Great Harwood Golf Club
6 girls played in the second 9 hole stableford competition in good scoring conditions that were reflected in the excellent scores on East Lancashire'swinners longest par 3 course.
The winner was Ruby Wigley (Regent Park) with 26 points. Second was Gabriella Schofield (Clitheroe) with 22 points. Photographs ...
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15 April at Royal Lytham Short Course      
16 girls took part in our first 9 hole stableford competion of 2018 in cold and breezy conditions. It was good to see so many new girls along with those who have been with us for a while. There were lots of good scores, especially from our very youngest competitors. The winners were: 

Division 1 Winner: Jessica Sinclair (Southport & Ainsdale) 23 points. Second: Poppy Richmond ( Eccleston Park) 20 points.

Division 2 Winner: Francesca Harnett (Chorley) 30 points. Second: Ruby Wigley (Regent Park) 27 points.


Saturday 10th MarchIntroduction to the Golf Course
Southport Golf Academy

Sunday 15th April

9 hole competitionRoyal Lytham Short Course
Tuesday 30th May9 hole competition
Great Harwood GC
Tuesday 21st August9 hole competition Southport Old Links GC

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